Inspiration Strikes

…at inappropriate times.


WIP of Lady with Birds. 

Woke up in a daze this morning around 6 o’clock and had such a vivid image in my head that I had to draw before going back to sleep. Needless to say, the going back to sleep never occurred, but at least I have another illustration to show for it.

Here is the finished product;

ART _01Have you ever had inspiration strike you at inappropriate times? Let me know what you think.

Thanks again!



New Piece: Emotions on Paper

A4 Piece, Graphite on Paper, 3 Hours

A4 Piece, Graphite on Paper, 3 Hours

Taking a well deserved break from continual work this week and wanting to do something fun, this intense looking lady sprung from the pencil around midnight last night.

As with most things, inspiration strikes at the most inappropriate time so I risked a sleep deprived shift in order to batter this one out.

All in all it took around 3 hours to complete and she appears to be a lot moodier than my usual ladies. Might have to do with the lack of rest or could be due to my partner being away for 1 week as of yesterday. He’s currently pretending to be a proper scientist in Spain documenting some local Geology, ( or fancy rocks to you and I).

And as much as I am enjoying my freedom, (i.e. being able to eat the same bad meal three nights in a row), one thing I know your drawing does is show you how you can really be feeling.

I’ll be trying to keep it perkier for the next few days, which is just as well as I have a few commissions to complete, and keep you all up to date with any sneaky behind the scene sketches on anything exciting I’ll be working on.

Keep your eyes peeled!


Life Drawing and Getting Back Into It.

As with any creative person, I can be guilty of procrastinating. A lot.
Its okay once in a while but when you can’t remember the last time you took time to draw someone from real life, you know somethings wrong.
Life drawing is a great skill to hone as it helps train you to draw what your eye sees and not what your mind thinks. And trust me, it is a lot trickier than drawing from a photograph.

This week, in the spirit of New Year; New You, I decided to kick the laziness and go back to life drawing classes.
I found a quaint little session on a Tuesday evening, close to where I live. Its unpretentious and non-threatening, and also has the added bonus of being in a pub. Good for loosening up with a sneaky Jaeger and coke.

My first session back was good and bad. I enjoyed getting back into the flow, but knew I was extremely rusty. They started with a few 2 minute poses, which help you warm up your skills, then moved onto 3 20 minute poses. These were more fun to do as you could focus more on details but I still wasn’t fast enough to capture everything I wanted! Though I can’t imagine posing naked for any amount of time, let alone in one position for over 20 minutes…

In order to keep it up each week and fight against my extreme laziness, I’ve decided to keep a blog of my progress and what I would like to work on.

Heres my extremely raw drafts from my first week, hopefully I’ll see some improvements as the weeks go on:


2 minute poses Graphite on paper


2 minute poses Graphite on paper


First 20 minute pose Charcoal on paper


Second 20 minute pose Pencil on paper. Focused more on the head and face in this one.


Third 20 Minute pose (with a lady this time) Took time drawing her body and figure which i then ripped out and had 5 minutes left to draw this. Turned out better than expected.

So if you have any comments on any improvements I could make or if you have any good techniques or tips I’d love to hear from you!

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed making them!
Until next time